CADENCE - July-Aug.-Sept. 2009  (pg. 109 & 110)

All My Tomorrows / Summer Night / Sharing The Night With The Blues /
Quietly There / Can’t Get Out Of This Mood / The Meaning Of The Blues /
Cool / Someone To Light Up My Life / Young And Foolish / Everything
Happens To Me / Love Walked In / Watch What Happens / Just In Time /
Once In A While / Old Devil Moon. 76:24.

Mann, vcl; Tamir Hendelman, p, arr; Chuck Berghofer, John Clayton, b;
Jeff Clayton, a flt, as; Peter Erskine, Paul Kreibich, Joe LaBarbera, Roy McCurdy, d.
April 26-27, May 11-12/07, Hollywood, CA.

Janis Mann continues (3/04, p.44) to generate some of the best vocal music anywhere.
This date is organized around what she says is her “affinity for drummers,” and, indeed,
she has enlisted four of the left coast’s finest, distributing their respective assignments as
equally as an odd number of tracks will allow. The bass duties are divided in half and—
happily—Tamir Hendelman, who also wrote the arrangements, is at the piano throughout.
He proves to be a model accompanist who can stretch and contribute stellar solo work,
as he does, for example, on “Up My Life.” None of the drummers overwhelm, all playing
with subtle crispness. Janis celebrates her affinity for Roy McCurdy’s sticks by using the
“Cool” lyrics (“got a rocket in your pocket / keep cooly cool, Roy”) to express how highly
she regards him. John Clayton contributes some lovely bowed passages on “Meaning,” and
Ms. M. sprinkles some expert scat here (“Foolish”) and there (“Just”). Diane Schuur replaces
Hendelman at the piano and engages Mann in an amiable vocal romp, with generous amounts
of scat, on the “bonus” “Devil Moon.” This is another very superior release from Janis Mann.

-Alan Bargebuhr